Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1: Learn About Your Own Implicit Biases

    • Welcome

    • Take The Race, Gender and Sexuality Implicit Association Tests

    • Reflection Questions on Your Implicit Bias Results

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    Implicit Bias Lecture Videos

    • Understanding the Implicit Association Test_Lecture Part 1

    • What is My Personality Type? How Does My Personality Impact My Biases?

    • Implicit Bias Video_ Lecture Part 2

    • What Are Your Experiences and How Do They Relate to Your Biases

    • Conclusion Lecture Video - part 3

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    Next Steps and Additional Resources!

    • Letter from Dr. Gibson

    • Dr. Gibson's Implicit Bias Training Programs

    • Journal Article on African Americans Implicit Bias

    • Journal Article on the Development of Race Bias

    • Jane Elliot's Commitment to Combat Racism

    • Article on Effective Implicit Bias Diversity Training

    • Journal Article on Implicit Bias and Behaviors